Aditi Kini is a Grade 10 student studying at the Sands Secondary School in Delta, an enthusiastic community ambassador enjoys serving our community. She has been volunteering with various municipal community initiatives during her spare time. Aditi also has started her own not for profit organization called “The New Horizons Foundation” and has initiated projects to help promote education for girls internationally.

COVID 19 – Community care initiative.

COVID 19 has disrupted lives in unprecedented ways, posing various challenges to young and old across the globe. The pandemic has not spared our local community as well. Despite incredible challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen community resilience, knowledge and innovation mobilize.

“It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it.” – Nelson Mandela. The community care project is driven from an ideology that no contribution is small. Aditi wanted to play her part in helping society during these unprecedented times and noticed that Sands Secondary had a food drive to help families in the school community. Aditi knew this was her opportunity to give back to her Alma mater. Sands admin played a key role in the success of the project by not only supporting the idea but also by connecting Aditi to the right people who helped turn this into reality.

The project involved supplying groceries and household items to the vulnerable families impacted by the COVID 19 situation in the local community. Aditi applied for funding and received a grant from “The Rising Youth Foundation” to help achieve her goal. wholeheartedly supports and encourages youth interested in taking initiatives in helping society. The funds were utilized towards purchasing food and essential items to last for a couple of months for the affected families. A team of five assisted with purchasing and distributing the items. The project was a perfect example for demonstrating teamwork and highlighting community spirit.

If youth are interested in applying for a #RisingYouth Community Service Grant but do not know where to start, Aditi says “I suggest youth ask themselves what really matters to them. By working on a project that reflects their passion and their desire to help the community, they can then really dedicate and apply themselves to deliver a project that is genuine and impactful in the community. You can visit the Rising Youth website – – to apply for grants.”