Assessment and Reporting


Please click here for instructions to access report cards.

Parents are encouraged to remain up to date on their child’s progress at school.

The school reports to parents through informal Interim Reports and formal Report Cards. In addition, teachers routinely contact parents through Parent Connect, e-mail and telephone as the need arises.

Parents may speak to teachers during scheduled Parent-Teacher Interviews. Parents schedule interview appointments through Parent Connect or by contacting the office. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers and counsellors at any time, either by calling the school or by email. All staff email addresses have been posted under the “Contacts” page on the school website, or are accessible through ParentConnect and StudentConnect.

2023-2024 Reporting Calendar

Interim Report Card (Semester & Linear Classes) – October 19/2023

Mid-semester Report Card – Semester 1 (Semester Classes) – November 23/2023

Term 1 Report Card (Linear) – December 1/2023

Semester 1 Final Report Card (Semester Classes) – February 8/2024

Interim Report Card (Semester Classes) – March 14/2024

Term 2 Report Card (Linear) – March 14/2024

Mid-semester Report Card – Semester 2 (Semester Classes) – April 23/2024

Final Report Card (Semester & Linear Classes) – June 25/2023