Protocol for Parent Concerns

If parents have concerns about general school procedures or issues stemming from their child’s classroom, there is a procedure for raising those concerns. If the concerns originate in the classroom, the first and most important person to contact is your child’s teacher, either by phone, email, or to make a request to meet. If after this discussion, you continue to have unresolved concerns then it is appropriate to contact the administration. If your concern is of a more general nature, you may also contact your child’s grade counsellor.

We want Sands to be a community that supports student learning and fosters a positive environment for their development. To maintain a positive working relationship, please follow the protocol as outlined. Sharing difficulties in a more “roundabout way” (i.e. email lists, social media, or other public arenas) in isolation of school staff does not support a positive school community and, in fact, leads to misinformation and hurt feelings. It is imperative that we remain respectful in our interactions and solve problems in a way that benefits everyone.

Our students are watching our examples.