Staff Directory

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Mr. R. MesichPrincipal
Mr. T. InksterVice Principal
Ms. A. AmpueroSpanish
Ms. S. AujlaSupportive Learning
Ms. C. BergmanLearning Assistance
Mr. D. CampbellWoodwork, Career Prep/Work Experience
Mr. J. ChangMath
Ms. H. CooperModified Academics
Ms. R. DherariFoods
Ms. E. EvansEnglish, Community AmbassadorsWebsite Link
Mr. R. EvansMedia Arts, Yearbook, Social StudiesWebsite Link
Mr. E. FahrmannSocial Studies, Digital Literacy
Ms. J. GalbraithScience, Math
Ms. J. GaudryGrad Quest, Supportive Learning
Mr. K. GaullPhysical Education, Social StudiesWebsite Link
Mr. S. HallMathematics
Mr. R. HillMathematics, Science
Mr. S. HongPhysical EducationTwitter, Website Link
Ms. A. HuynhFrench
Mr. G. JamiesonSocial Studies, Humanities, Spanish
Ms. V. KenisBiology, Physical EducationWebsite Link
Ms. E. LeeInternational Coordinator, ELL
Mr. K. McCormickMathematics
Ms. L. McCutcheonEnglish, Humanities
Ms. K. McGreeveyTeacher-Librarian
Mr. M. McKaySocial Studies
Mr. B. MurrayGradQuest, Supportive LearningWebsite Link
Ms. D. MuterLearning AssistanceWebsite Link
Ms. E. NikasEnglish, French
Mr. G. Notar-MacleanMath
Ms. C. PapakostaFrench, English
Ms. L. PeresadaFrench, SpanishWebsite Link
Mr. J. ProctorLifeskills
Ms. N. SahaydakLifeskills, Planning, ELL
Ms. B. SavoyMathematics, Science, PEWebsite Link
Mr. L. SerresPhysical Education, Psychology, Soccer AcademyWebsite Link
Ms. K. SmythMath, LST
Ms. A. ThomsonDrama, Fine Arts
Mr. R. TownsendPhysical Education, Science, Digital Literacy
Ms. J. TsengBand / Music
Ms. C. VandopLeadership, Physical Education, Englsih
Mr. A. WoodArt
Ms. H. YaoPhysics, Science
Mr. R. ZabudskyMetalwork, Drafting, Mechanics, Lifeskills, Tech Ed
Mr. C. Abernethy (A-L)Counsellor
Ms. W. Diomis (M-Z)Counsellor
Ms. K. WattersYouth Care Worker
Ms. S. SidhuYouth Care Worker
Ms. J. SansregretCareer Counsellor
Ms. E. LeeInternational Coordinator
Ms. B. SavoyInternational Coordinator
Ms. P. Beaton*Life Skills
Ms. S. Corbeil*Supportive Learning / Grad Quest
Ms. S. D'Onofrio*Supportive Learning / Grad Quest
Ms. S. Gill*Life Skills
Ms. P. Gupta*Modified Academics
Ms. A. Herd*Life Skills
Ms. L. Karila*Modified Academics
Ms. C. Kirby*Life Skills
Ms. J. Li*Life Skills
Ms. A. Mak*Modified Academics
Ms. H. Randhawa*Life Skills
Ms. G. Samra*Life Skills
Ms. J. Secrest*Modified Academics
Ms. E. Vida*Modified Academics
Ms. R. Virk*Life Skills
Ms. V. Whittaker*Life Skills
Ms. D. Yang*Supportive Learning / Grad Quest
General Mailbox
Ms. T. EdworthyAdministrative Assistant
Ms. J. MarieiroStudent Information Systems Administrator
General MailboxAttendance/Reception/Accounting
Ms. K. HopkinsOffice Support