Student Fees

Students are assessed fees near the end of September each year, once course changes have been finalized.

  • Fees are visible on Parent and Student Connect when assessments are entered.
  • Invoices are emailed to the Parent/Guardian addresses on file.
  • Please call the office if you have any questions or concerns.

“Educational resource materials necessary for participation in the educational program which is required for graduation shall be provided free of charge.”


Where economic hardship is a barrier to participation, the school will work with parents and students to find alternate means to allow the student to participate.  Questions regarding this process should be addressed to the Principal, counsellor or your child’s teacher.

  1. Goods intended for the student to take home for personal use or as a gift;
  2. Goods such as writing tools, calculators, student planners, exercise books, or other supplies and equipment for a student’s personal use;
  3. Supplies and equipment which are parents’/students’ responsibility, but are offered through the school as an optional purchase; such items do not require Board approval;
  4. Activities such as field trips, special events, and extra-curricular activities, where the fees are limited to defraying actual costs of transportation, accommodation, meals, admission and equipment rentals;
  5. Rental fees for musical instruments;
  6. Deposits for educational resource materials such as textbooks, reuseable workbooks and novels, with the deposit being refunded in whole or in part upon return of the materials.
  1. School supplies and equipment, for example pens, exercise books, calculators, film, rulers, for the student’s personal use;
  2. Clothing, for example, gym strip, uniforms, for the student’s personal use;
  3. Safety equipment, for example, safety gloves and boots, for the student’s personal use;
  4.  A musical instrument for the student’s personal use when enrolled in a course where students learn to play a musical instrument.

At the start of each year, students will receive information from their teachers about what fees can be expected, if any. A number of options may be laid out including the “no-fee” outline of the course.  Other fees typically include those for student activites, student agendas, graduation, yearbooks, team sports, some PE courses (Superfit and Fit For Life) and Field trips.

  • Student Activity Fee: provides support for the Student Council and extra-curricular activities.
  • Grad fee: covers Valedictory expenses such as the purchase of a cap and gown, grad photos, certificates and folios.
  • Emergency Fee: is used to purchase and refresh supplies for our Emergency Preparedness program.
  • Workbooks: Students will be charged for course related workbooks for Math, Science, French and Spanish if they are to be written in.  Students who choose not to purchase workbooks may sign out school copies, but they must not be written in or a charge will be assessed.
  • Yearbooks:  The purchase of a yearbook is optional, but payment in advance is required for an order to be placed.