• Students are expected to attend all classes on time.
• Absences are only excused if a phone call or note is received from a parent or guardian.
• A parent/guardian is asked call the school at 604-594-3474 to excuse an absence. If calling after hours, please leave student’s name, grade, reason and possible length of the absence.
• A persistent pattern of lateness and absence will be dealt with through parental contact and referral to administration.
• Leaving Early – Students who must leave school during the day are expected to sign out at the office with written permission or telephone contact by a parent/guardian.
• Parents will be contacted daily in the event that their child was marked absent and unexcused.

• Students should come directly to the office if they are ill or injured.
• If the illness appears serious, the school will make every effort to contact parents.
• If parents cannot be contacted, the school administration will act in loco parentis to secure necessary medical attention.
• Students who are feeling ill will be sent home with permission of a parent or guardian.
• Every consideration will be made for students who are absent as a result of a compassionate leave.

• At Sands Secondary, we are not in a position to grant or deny permission for any student to miss school for an extended holiday. However, we do not endorse students missing school time for vacation. These should be arranged during regular school vacation time.
• There is no substitution for the learning completed during class time. Learning missed due to extended absence often results in a decreased academic achievement.
• Please note, teachers are not required to provide assignments for students before or after their vacation. Individual teachers have the discretion to decide what assignments or assessments, if any, a student may make up. Arrangements must be made directly with the student’s individual teacher.