Student Responsibilities

We expect Sands students to:
  • Respect Themselves and Others
  • Respect the Environment (School and Community)
  • Respect Learning

The School Board states under Policy # 1131 that conduct and behaviour are closely associated with learning and that an effective instructional program requires a wholesome and orderly school environment.  Students are therefore expected to:

  • Attend school regularly and apply themselves to learning responsibilities
  • Conform to reasonable standards of socially acceptable behavior
  • Respect the rights, person, and property of others;
  • Preserve the degree of order necessary for a positive climate for learning;
  • Respect the authority of all employees of Sands and respond accordingly.  Discipline of a student shall be similar to that of a kind, firm, and judicious parent.

Within these general guidelines the principal or other designated district officials will establish specific rules of conduct to apply to students during any school activity, and may hold individuals responsible for their conduct on the way to and from school or at school.

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ACADEMIC INTEGRITY:  In order to ensure academic integrity it is vital that students understand what is meant by the term plagiarism. It is a form of cheating that is not acceptable at Sands. Plagiarism is the copying or reproduction of any work without the proper recognition of the original authors. Examples of inappropriate behaviours that compromise academic integrity include:

  • Copying more than five words in a row, or paraphrasing from text found in a book, magazine, software program, website or television program without giving appropriate credit.
  • Handing in work (for credit), which is the same as, or essentially the same as another student’s work, or allowing another student to copy your work. Group work is encouraged, but the work submitted must reflect your own ideas.

ASSEMBLIES:  Assemblies are held throughout the year for special purposes. These purposes include holding spirit rallies, hearing speakers or seeing performances. Sands students have a reputation for treating performers and guests with courtesy. Use applause at appropriate times to express appreciation. Please leave hats and belongings in lockers or classrooms.

ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY:  Regular attendance has a major influence on your success at school. In addition, it is a legal requirement. Our school staff places a high priority on close monitoring of your attendance and safe arrival.

  • Please ask parents to schedule medical appointments and vacations out of school time whenever possible.
  • If students are going to be away for the day, a parent should telephone the school on the day of your absence. If a secretary is unavailable to take the call, the message will be recorded on our 24 hr. answering machine.
  • If a parent was unable to call, students are expected upon return to school to present a note signed by a parent explaining the absence. Please ensure the note includes the date of and reason for the absence.
  • Students who need to leave school during the day because of illness or an appointment, must go to the office and sign out at the front counter.
  • If students are unable to return to school after going home for lunch, their parent should phone to inform us of the absence.
  • Please advise the school office or your counsellor if you are going to be away for an extended period due to illness or travel.
  • After an absence, students are responsible for seeing their teachers about missed work.

You are expected to be on time for each class period. Entering a room late is impolite and often causes an interruption to instruction in progress. If you are chronically late, you will be referred to your counsellor or an administrator.

  • If you arrive late report immediately to your class. The teacher will record your attendance in the classroom.
  • Unexcused lates may result in appointments with teachers or the administration, meetings with parents or suspensions.

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS:  The teachers at Sands believe that every student wishes to be a successful learner. In order to bring about this success, each teacher develops an appropriate learning climate according to his or her subject discipline and teaching practices. The teacher’s expectations and regulations will be explained to students in the first few days of class.

All teachers expect you to arrive to class prepared to learn. One way to do that is to bring all required supplies and equipment. Do not bring food or drinks to class (water in a leak proof container however, is permitted). If you require nutritious food or drink in class for medical reasons, please make special arrangements with your counsellor.

Students with a study block are not to be wandering the halls.

SCHOOL ELECTRONICS POLICY:  The school cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen items. Therefore, the only way to protect your personal items such as cell phones, digital music players, game devices, etc. is to leave them at home. If you choose to bring these items to school, the following policies address their use:

  • Teachers set their own policy regarding digital music players for their classrooms and students must observe these policies.
  • Cell phone use, including text messaging, is not permitted during class time, unless allowed by the teacher. Cell phones must not ring (with audible or inaudible ring tones) during class time.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited during a lockdown situation or drill. If you are using an electronic device in violation of school policy, you may be sent home and/or suspended from school. This is a safety issue and is taken very seriously.
  • According to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, prior consent is required before photographing or videotaping (with a cell phone, camera, or any other device) staff or students.

IN CLASS APPOINTMENTS:  Occasionally, staff will assign an appointment as a consequence for tardiness, poor work ethic, and classroom or school misdemeanours. It is your responsibility to make the appointment on the day it is assigned. If family circumstances prevent you from making an appointment you must make other arrangements with your teacher BEFORE you leave school.

DRESS CODE:  After consultation with our Parent Advisory Committee, it is our belief that our dress code reflects the values of the community. We recognize the importance of teenage styles but believe that students should express their individuality by what they say and do, rather than by how they look. As such, you are asked to use common sense to ensure that your clothing is appropriate for a school environment. Clothing that carries messages that are obscene, racist, offensive; promotes alcohol or drug use; contains sexually explicit designs or that is distracting or overly revealing is unacceptable. To ensure your safety, please wear shoes at all times, have clean gym strip for P.E. class, and observe clothing rules in labs and shops. The wearing of hats in classrooms is at the discretion of the teacher (hats are not allowed in the office or at assemblies).

EXAMS:  Exams are administered twice a year. Midterm exams are generally scheduled near the end of the first semester (January/February), while final exams occur during the last three weeks of June. Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 write provincial exams as well as school exams in June. Students must realize that the Ministry of Education sets the dates and times of provincial exams and that any student missing a provincial exam will only be eligible to write in August of that year. Students will only be excused from school exams for extraordinary reasons.

GYMNASIUM:  The gymnasium may be used before and after school as well as during lunch hour. You are urged to do your best to keep it clean and in good condition. Food and drink are not allowed in the gym. Running shoes must be worn when engaged in physical activity. You should not be in the loft, equipment room or weight room unless you are under the supervision of a teacher.

HALLWAYS:  Students are expected to keep the hallways clean, passable and safe. Please conduct yourself in a way that respects the comfort and safety of others. Put litter in the garbage or recycling containers, do not congregate in groups in the middle of hallways or hallway intersections, and do not run in the building. Students are not to be in the hallways during class time unless your teacher has given permission. Return promptly to your classroom after completing an errand or after using the washroom.

LANGUAGE:  It is our belief that how we interact with peers and staff greatly influence the tone of the school. You are expected to use appropriate language at school and at all school events. Even in the community, you need to view yourself as an ambassador of the school. As such, students are asked to refrain from swearing, using derogatory words (slang, racist or sexual comments, put downs…). Respect is garnered through the way in which we deal with conflict and in the manner in which we try to resolve differences.

RESPONSES TO THREAT-MAKING BEHAVIOUR:  In order to maintain a safe, caring and orderly environment, the school will be vigilant in dealing with threat-making behaviour and will follow a district-developed protocol to assess risk. Any threats to harm or injure students or staff, whether written, spoken or on the internet and any high risk behaviours such as possession of weapons will be investigated by the school staff. The investigation may include interviewing students who are involved in threat-making incidents in order to ascertain levels of risk. Parents of students who are directly involved will be notified.

Although we have few incidents of this nature in our school, we want to do all we can to make our schools safe places. Parents and students are encouraged to report any information they have of threat-making behaviour to a member of the school’s staff. The best defense we have against serious violent incidents in school is communication between the school and students and their parents. We value your co-operation in keeping our schools safe, caring and orderly.

SCHOOL AFTER HOURS:  Students are NOT allowed in the building after school or on the weekends unless there is a teacher in charge or they are here for after school help or other planned activities.

SERIOUS OFFENSES:  A school must provide a safe and comfortable environment for students to learn effectively. Hence, certain behaviours will result in serious consequences determined by the school, school district or the police.  These include:

  • The use of physical violence, intimidation or verbal threats in or around the school. This also includes cyber-bullying and the use of internet to spread rumours and gossip. BULLYING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • The wilful disobeying of reasonable requests made by administrators, teachers, teaching assistants, office staff, custodians, lunch supervisors, or maintenance personnel.
  • The causing of a false emergency alarm or tampering with emergency equipment.
  • The causing of wilful damage to school property or the property of teachers or students.
  • Being under the influence of, or in the possession of alcohol or drugs while at school or at a school function.
  • Being in possession of or using anything that is a weapon or can be construed as a weapon.
  • Truancy (Skipping).

SMOKING:  Smoking constitutes a serious health hazard for both the smoker and those in the vicinity of smoke. Smoking is not permitted within the Sands building, on the school grounds, or in the vicinity of the school.


  • Students are expected to use sidewalks and/or designated walkways.   Please respect the property rights and privacy of our neighbours.
  • If you use a bicycle, skateboard or in-line skates to get to and from school, you are expected to obey traffic regulations. Students are not to be on bikes, skateboards or in-line skates in the building.
  • Students riding a school bus are expected to obey the rules and regulations outlined by the bus driver.
  • Only staff members are permitted to park in front of the school. In the interest of safety, please ask your parents to drop you off across the street from the school (82nd Avenue or 108th Street) or in designated areas. Student may park in designated areas only.

VACATIONS DURING SCHOOL TIME:  The school is not in a position to grant or deny permission for you to miss school for an extended holiday period. That decision is the responsibility of your parents. Parents are asked to contact the school well in advance of a planned vacation. It is important to be aware of the possible effects absences may have on achievement. Since credit cannot be given for work that is not complete, an absence may lower course marks. You must make all necessary arrangements to minimize the effect of your absence on your schooling.

VALUABLES:  Students You should not bring unnecessary items or valuables to school. This includes such items as: electronic devices, jewellery or large amounts of cash, as they can be easily lost or stolen. The school does not have insurance to cover such losses, nor is it responsible for their replacement.   You are urged to safeguard your personal belongings by keeping them on your person or stored in your locker. In P.E., take a lock and secure your belongings in a gym locker. No items should be left unattended in the P.E. change room nor should you tell anyone the combination to your locker.