DeltaAccess Online Learning

The Delta School District is pleased to provide online learning opportunities for those interested in courses at the grades 10-12 level. All BC residents are fully funded by the Ministry of Education. A $100 fully refundable course deposit is required for each course. Each change to the original registration (withdrawal or transfer) will be subject to a $40 processing fee, which will be deducted from this deposit. Any text issued must be returned within 6 months of term end date.We offer a wide variety of courses designed to meet a wide range of needs. You can expect that by enrolling in an online course through the Delta School District that you will receive a rich educational experience taught by highly qualified teaching staff. Online curriculum will be supported by frequent communication through a variety of electronic means and if you are in the BC Lower Mainland area, by optional face-to-face communication as well. Online learning offers students opportunities to access good instructional materials that fully meets the provincial learning outcomes using technologies that provide access at times and places convenient to students.

Please visit the DeltaAccess website for details and registration information.