– Athletic Code of Conduct


Our goal is to offer a quality athletics program to all students. We recognize the value athletics brings to a school and each student who chooses to participate. We also recognize the value of a quality education and with that in mind we believe that student-athletes must be responsible in the classroom.

Good Standing
  • If a student has two or more “needs improvement” or is failing two or more classes they may be advised of the need to  rectify the situation.
  • The students will have five days to improve, during which time they can still participate in their sport. At this time either a teacher or coach will call home to notify the parents/guardian of the situation.
  • If the student hasn’t met their teachers’ expectations after five days they will be removed from their team until all expectations are met.
  • Students must attend all classes the day of a game or practice in order to participate. If a student misses any class due to illness they are ineligible to compete that day.
  • Students who miss class due to dentist/doctor appointments can be eligible provided a parent/guardian notifies the school.
  • Excused absences on the day of a game or practice will be dealt with by the coach. However, excused absences for things such as sleeping in are not acceptable and the student will likely be unable to play or practice that day.
  • Students who have two unexcused absences will be suspended for one game. It is important that parents notify the office as soon as possible if they know their child is sick to avoid any confusion.
  • It is expected that all student-athletes arrive to school on time. Chronic lateness will be dealt with by the coach.
  • At Sands it is expected that all students treat themselves, the staff and other students with respect.
  • Any student-athlete who breaks school rules may receive additional consequences at the discretion of their coach and administration.
  • It is expected that all student-athletes attend all practices and games. If conflicts arise please notify the coach well in advance.
  • Any student who quits a team for any reason other than medical/academic will be unable to play on a school team for one calendar year.
Please click here for the printable .pdf Student Code of Conduct form