Student Policy & Procedures


CAMERAS:  Security cameras have been installed throughout the school to provide better security for students and staff. The cameras are located both inside and outside of the school.

EMERGENCY DRILLS:  In the event of most emergencies, an alarm will sound. Using the practiced procedures, students must leave the school promptly and quietly via the nearest exit as directed by their teacher. Once outside, they must stay with their teachers in his or her assigned spot at the back of the school. If an emergency occurs during a break, students must proceed to the back of the school and report to their homeroom teacher. After three short rings of the bell or directions from an administrator students may re-enter the school.

FEES:  All students pay a $20 student activity fee that covers their student handbook, photos for yearbook and go cards, guest speakers, performances, student council and school wide activities. In addition, some elective courses require fees for enhancements or AP exams. Student fees are payable within the first month of school.

LOCKS AND LOCKERS:  Students are assigned a hallway locker during the first few days of school. It is the student’s responsibility to keep this locker free of writing or damage. Students are not permitted to move to another locker, to exchange or share lockers with other students. Lockers are also provided in the gym change rooms for PE classes. Students must secure their locker with a combination lock. Please note that lockers are school property, and as such, may be inspected at any time. Locker checks will occur regularly throughout the year. Remember to keep your locker tidy.

Please follow these locker guidelines:

  • Buy only a lock such as those sold by the school. Combination locks are sold at the office.
  • Keep your locker combination confidential.
  • Personal items should not be left in unlocked lockers during PE. We recommend that students purchase an additional lock for gym change room lockers.
  • Lock your bicycle at the bicycle stands located at the side of the school.
  • Anything of significant value should be left at home. This includes electronic devices, calculators and/or large sums of money.

LOST AND FOUND:  Our “Lost and Found” is located in the front hall. Any questions you have should be directed to the secretary at the front window. Lost items should be brought to the office. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of each term.  You are responsible for the care of your personal belongings. The school cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen articles.

P.A. ANNOUNCEMENTS and HALLWAY TV:  The public address system and the hallway televisions are used to communicate with teachers and students. The announcements are made at the beginning of 2nd period and the T.V. messages are kept up all day long. This year the daily announcements can also be found on the Sands website.

REPORTING ON STUDENT PROGRESS:  Reporting to parents occurs five times a year at Sands. The first report involves Parent Teacher Interviews in early fall. At this time no formal report card is issued but parents have the opportunity to meet teachers and receive an update of your progress. Formal report cards are issued electronically in December and March, and may be viewed through Parent and Student Connect.  A paper copy is issued in June. Parent Teacher Interviews are also scheduled in April. In addition, teachers routinely contact parents through Parent Connect, e-mail, telephone and/or interim reports as the need arises. Students are expected to take any printed reports home and show them to their parents.  Parents are encouraged to contact teachers and counsellors at any time with their questions and concerns.

SCHOOL FUNCTIONS:  Students have the opportunity to participate in school functions such as dances, field trips, athletic events and concerts. In all of these instances you will be representing Sands and all school regulations and expectations will apply.

TEXTBOOKS:  You are responsible for all books assigned to you for the school year. Loaning texts to other students is strongly discouraged. Your teachers will keep records of the condition and serial numbers of your books and will check them during the year and at the end of the year. You must return all texts assigned to you. IF A TEXT IS LOST OR DAMAGED, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT.

VISITORS:  All visitors must check in at the office upon arrival. If you observe people in our school or on the grounds who do not belong, please ask the closest responsible adult to notify the office immediately.We must all play our part in keeping our school safe from unwelcome visitors or strangers.You are not to invite your friends to visit you during school hours.

  • We are also asking parents to not use the front parking lot as a “pickup or drop-off zone” as this area gets very congested before and after school. Please make arrangements to be picked up on the street adjacent to the school or to use the designated turnaround area at the northwest side of the building.

    There has been a change in the traffic flow in the back parking lot.  Please follow all signs to ensure maximum safety for our students.