Sands Soccer School

The Soccer Academy at Sands has been cancelled. Sands Soccer School is a new offering that gives students an opportunity to play and learn soccer. Sands Soccer School is a comprehensive program that emphasizes skill development, physical literacy and enjoyment of sport. This program is available to Sands students in Gr. 8-10 who have experience playing soccer at a club level. (There may be some exceptions made for older students to attend but they will be rare.) This is a fee based course: 1) application fee ($100), 2) A Program fee to cover the cost of hiring professional coaches ($450) and 3) a uniform fee (TBD).

The Soccer School will be one block and does not replace a regular PE block. If we are in a Quarter system, the block will be in Block C (afternoon) 4 days a week for Q1 and Q2. Students will count this as their 9th block. If we are in a linear system this will be a regularly scheduled afternoon block and it will replace an elective – students only taking 8 blocks. If you have any questions, please contact Lucas Serres at

Students who are wanting to be in the Soccer School will need to fill in an application.
Click here for the online application form.

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