January 20/2023

Happy Chinese New Year! In honor of this special occasion, the student council will be hosting its first ever spring roll sale on Tuesday, January 24. Come celebrate with us by purchasing one spring roll for $1 or three for $2. See you there!

Hey Sands! Guess what the Modified Academics Program is bringing back? The Hole in the Wall, the lunch time snack shop! We will be having its grand opening on February 1st.
Every lunch we will be selling candy, snacks, and an assortment of treats. There will be monthly menu change ups with a delicious variety of snacks! It will be cash only.
So, come out and support our Modified Academic Students and get yourselves something yummy for your tummy!

Are you interested in the field of accounting but are not interested in business school? The Discover CPA event will feature a panel of Chartered Professional Accountants who did not study business before pursuing their CPA path. Hear how and why they did it at this event on February 8th from 5:30-7:30 PM. See the link to register on the App or in the Career Centre Newsletter sent to your deltalearns email.