• Each year the members of the grade 12 class choose a committee to co-ordinate the grad activities and fundraising for the year.
• The grad committee has a responsibility to maintain the balance between social activities and the serious task of completing graduation expectations with the best possible school record.


Sands sponsors a number of graduation-related activities and events throughout the school year. Most years, this includes the Grad Boat Cruise, Winter Gala, Grad Red Carpet, Grad Banquet and Valedictory Ceremony.

Participation in these events is a privilege and relies heavily on the goodwill of staff volunteers who volunteer to supervise student activities.

In order to be eligible to participate, students must meet certain eligibility requirements, including but not limited to the following:
• registered as a Grade 12 student
• enrolled in all courses required for graduation and maintaining a level of achievement that will lead to graduation at the conclusion of the school year
• attending school on a consistent basis
• in good standing and meeting all requirements of the School’s Code of Conduct

The Grad Boat Cruise (late Sept), Winter Gala (early Dec), Grad Red Carpet (May 22, 2020) and Grad Banquet (May 22, 2020) are for Sands students only. Guests are not allowed to participate.
Friends and family are invited to attend the Grad Red Carpet and Valedictory Ceremony (late June).