Student Opportunities

• Sands offers many Athletic activities to add to students’ school experiences.
• Fall sports include:, volleyball, boys’ soccer, and Cheer
• Winter sports include: basketball and curling
• Spring sports include golf, girls’ soccer, track & field, and badminton; Boys Ice Hockey
• A wide variety of very successful clubs have formed over the years including: Student Council, Me to We, Green Team, Grad Council, Drama Club, LGBTQ, IDEAs etc.
• If there is an activity you would like to add to your experience at Sands, find others wanting to do the same thing, find a teacher sponsor and away you go.

• Student Counsel is composed of elected representatives and volunteers from each grade level, and plays a vital role in the planning and coordinating of student activities.
• The major objectives of the Student Council include:
o Giving effective leadership to the student body;
o Providing good communication regarding student activities;
o Acting as a liaison between students, staff and administration;
o Promoting the interests of the school in the community; and promoting pride in school activities.