Textbooks are loaned to students at no cost. They are assigned to students by barcodes, as the books are part of the District inventory. Students are responsible for their books, and will be charged for any loss or damages. They are strongly discouraged from loaning their texts to other students. 

Students are required to pay all outstanding charges and fees carried over from the previous school year before books will be issued for the new school year. If you have any questions about fees owing, please call the office at 604-594-3474.

Student Workbooks

Workbooks that will be used in French, Spanish, Math and Science will be available for purchase from the classroom teacher.

    • Students who do not purchase their own may have workbooks signed out to them using the barcode on the book. 
    • Workbooks signed out to students are not to be written in.
    • Students who do not purchase workbooks are expected to take care of them as they would a textbook, and they will be responsible for the cost of any loss or damage.