Staff Email Addresses

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Mr. A. Akune, Principal

Ms. J. Macintosh, Vice Principal


Ms. T. Blouin, International Coordinator, Physical Education, ELL

Ms. C. Brown, Socials, PE, Digital Literacy, ELL

Mr. D. Campbell, Woodwork, Career Prep/Work Experience

Mr. K. Dalgetty, Baseball Academy, Computer Studies, Electronics, Lifeskills

Ms. R. Dherari Home Economics (Foods), Lifeskills

Ms. E. Evans, English

Mr. R. Evans, Media Arts, Mathematics, Yearbook

Mr. N. Eveleigh, Science, Math

Mr. E. Fahrmann, Senior Supportive Learning

Ms. J. Galbraith, Science & Math

Ms. J. Gaudry, Strategies, Grad Quest

Mr. K. Gaull, Physical Education, Socials

Mr. H. Haley, Special Needs Resource Room

Mr. S. Hall, Mathematics, Science

Ms. N. HamiltonChemistry, Science

Ms. C. Harrison, Modified Academics, Resource Room (Monday to Thursday)

Mr. R. Hill, Mathematics

Mr. S. Hong, Physical Education

Mr. G. Jameison, Social Studies, Comparative Civilizations, History

Ms. J. Jimenez, Spanish

Mr. C. KarilaEarth Science, Science, Work Experience

Ms. V. KenisBiology, Physical Education

Mr. J. Lewis, Biology, Physics, Science

Ms. D. MacDonald, English, Learing Assistance

Mr. K. McCormick, Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Mathematics

Ms. L. McCutcheon, English, Social Studies

Ms. K. McGreevey, Teacher-Librarian

Mr. M. McKay, Social Studies and Entrepreneurship

Ms. K. McPhedran, Counsellor

Mr. J. Maller, Music, Drama, Theatre

Ms. N. Marte,  Computer Studies, ELL, Spanish

Mr. A. Morrison, Social Studies, Physical Education

Ms. D. Muter, Learning Assistance

Ms. E. Nikas, English, French

Ms. C. Papakosta, French & English


Ms. L. Peresada, French

Mr. A. Randhawa, Counsellor

Mr. R. Reefschlager, English, Planning

Ms. K. Richter, Modified Academics Resource Room (Fridays)

Mrs. N. Sahaydak, Fine Arts, Lifeskills, Planning

Ms. B. Savoy, Mathematics, Science

Mr. L. Serres, Physical Education, Psychology, Soccer Academy

Mr. C. Spanis, Math 

Ms. J. Stubbs, English

Ms. P. Taylor, Learing Assistance, Supportive Learning, Gradquest, Aboriginal Studies

Mr. R. Townsend, Physical Education

Ms. D. Van Skiver, Strategies

Ms. L. Viveiros, French, Physical Education

Mr. A. Wood, Art

Mr. R. Zabudsky, Metalwork, Drafting, Mechanics, Lifeskills, Tech Ed



Ms. T. Akiyama, Reception and Attendance Secretary

Ms. S. Deane, Career Counsellor

Ms. K. HatzisavvaAboriginal Child & Youth CareWorker

Ms. B. Pashak, Student Data Coordinator

Ms. E. Rivard, Accounting Secretary

Mr. P. Singh, Child & Youth Care Worker

Ms. L. Stowe, Administrative Assistant