School Start Reminders

CELL PHONES: Cell phone use, including text messaging, is not permitted during class time, or during lockdown situations or drills.  Please be sure to keep your phone in a secure location, and turned off while in class.

STUDENT PICKUP AND DROP OFF: The Sands school parking lot at the front of the school has only one entrance/exit access at the eastern end of the school.  This parking lot is reserved for staff members ONLY and should not be used to pick-up or drop-off students during the day. Students and parents (including older siblings) are encouraged to use the drop-off/pick-up zone located at the northwest corner of the school.  Additional parking can be found on the west side of the school.  Parents are requested to NOT temporarily wait in the marked “bus zone”, as this area must be readily available for our Special Needs busses between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Please take note of the access routes into the student and visitor parking lots and follow the designated signage.  It is important that we do not compromise the safety of our students for convenience.  Your cooperation in this matter will ensure a smooth flow of traffic around the perimeter of the school.

VALUABLES: The school has no insurance for lost or stolen articles and thus cannot take responsibility for those items.  As a result, students are strongly discouraged from bringing valuables such as electronic devices, jewelry or large amounts of cash to school.  Personal belongings should be kept with you or must be secured in your locker.  During PE class and other athletics activities, clothing and other personal items should be locked in a gym locker, for which students will need a second lock.  Please DO NOT share your lock combinations with others. Students planning to ride bikes to school should secure them with a good lock at the bike racks in the rear of the school.