Homework & Teacher's Websites

To be successful in school, you must be prepared to do work at home as well as in your classes. Students and parents are encouraged to access homework through the school's website, and to monitor assignments, attendance and marks through Student Connect and Parent Connect.

Basically, there are three things you should be doing at home to complement the work you are doing at school:

  • COMPLETE overnight homework assignments on time
  • PREPARE for upcoming tests
  • RESEARCH and organize long term assignments


  • Do your homework alone or with a study partner
  • Have a location in your house (where you can concentrate) that is quiet, private, and well lit
  • Don't watch television while you are working
  • Make a homework schedule which includes relaxation breaks

HOMESTUDY:  Home study is a broader term than homework. It involves those parts of schoolwork you do on your own because you wish to improve your learning.  Home study includes:

  • REVIEWING what has already been covered in class
  • WRITING summaries of class notes, vocab lists and/or study guides
  • READING books, newspapers, articles that relate to course topics

STUDENT AGENDA BOOK: Use of the agenda book on a daily basis can help keep students organized and better prepared for assignments in each class.